Traffic and route to Sugadaira

A. By bullet train
How to get to Sugadaira.

(example frpm shinjuku)

  1. Get out at the SHINJUKU station to buy a ticket to UEDA.
  2. Buy a ticket (a.ticket from Tokyo to UEDA; b.Seat Reservation of bullet train). (note: JR-east homepage)
  3. Get on a train to the Tokyo Station through the CHUOU Line. (about 1 hour from CHOFU to TOKYO)
  4. Get on a bullet train bound for Nagano.
  5. Get off at the UEDA station. (about 1 hour from TOKYO to UEDA)
  6. Get on a bus bound for Sugadaira Kougen. (note: buy a ticket before getting on a bus; 1100 yen)
  7. Get off at tenngu gerende mae(front of LOWSON conviniance store). (about 50 minutes from UEDA to the busstop)
  8. Walk up the road to the meeting point.
B. By car
Through the Kanetsu and Jyoushinetsu Highway
  1. Enter Kanetsu Highway from Nerima IC
  2. Transfer to Jyoushinetsu Highway at Fujioka-Junction
  3. Exit at Ueda-Sugadaira IC
  4. Go Route 144 to Sanada-town
  5. Transfer to Route 406 and Go to Sugadaira

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